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Underbalanced Regulatory Awareness

Company: KICK Global Training Solutions

Time Period: Feburary 2015 - September 2015

During my eight month period on KICK Global Training Solutions' Underbalanced Regulatory Awarness product I was in charge of implementing the dynamic user interface for the "mind-map" feature of the product and the save-state versioning system for users.

I also created a series of in depth tools for the use of other developers at KICK to aid them in dialogue tree verification and validation. These tools were relied upon heavily during production by both Quality Assurance and dialogue scripters to help catch bugs as they were being made.

I was also an assistant programmer on KICK's Life Rules and Snubbing Competency Training products for a short period of time whilst on the Underbalanced Regulatory Awareness project.

The above images are copyrighted to KICK Global Training Solutions.