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Rogue Trader Character Creator

Start Date: 1st June 2016

Expected Alpha Date: TBC

I have GMed a campaign of Rogue Trader with the same group of geographically remote players since November 2012. GMing Rogue Trader has always been challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

To play we use MapTool and, being the programmer I am, I have already created many simple and complex macros for my players and me to use. These make playing the game much easier as the rules of Rogue Trader are cumbersome at best.

However one of the major stumbling blocks during our play sessions is the length of time needed to find in-depth information on traits, skills, powers etc. simply mentioned by name on our character sheets. Additionally for me as GM I lack a reliable and quick way to generate NPCs for my campaigns.

The Rogue Trader Character Creator will be built to fill this gap by providing character creation utilities for both players and GMs (including the randomization of characters). The view of the generated character will also contain the depth of the core rulebook's text such that players and GMs need only hover over key terms to get all pertinent information about that term.

My hope is that if this project goes well it will become a staple tool of the Rogue Trader playing community.

If you are interested in the Rogue Trader campaign that I run there is a wiki page dedicated to the campaign hosted on Obsidian Portal.