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Resonance LD

Game Jam: Ludum Dare #34

Event Dates: 11th - 14th December 2015

Event Theme: Two Button Controls & Growing

Awards: #91 for Fun out of 2870 submissions

The object of this game is to make your way through each level or room in an ever expanding, ever growing area. To do this you need to manipulate the coloured projectiles in each room and guide them to the correct buttons within the levels. This will allow the flow of projectiles into the next room and so on, each room powering the next in an ever larger system.

I unfortunately ran out of time and was unable to put in what would be the biggest draw in this game - the sound. I had intended to have particle effects and animations everywhere in the game, each giving off their own tones that you would be able to hear from a distance. As you progressed through the game you'd therefore be able to hear what you had accomplished beeping and pinging in the distance. Feel free to add your own sound effects as you play to increase your enjoyment of the game!

After the competition I decided that I liked the concept of the game enough to attempt to turn it into a "real game". Hence to distinguish this version I now call this game ResonanceLD.


Your cursor is the green square. Tiles you place have a red square around them.

Whilst over an empty space:

  • Left Click:
  • Right Click:
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel:
  • Place current tile
  • Rotate current tile
  • Select a different tile from available tiles

Whilst over a space that already has a tile placed by you within it:

  • Left Click, Hold, Drag and Release:
  • Right Click:
  • Move tile
  • Remove tile back to available tiles store

At any time:

  • Hold Spacebar:
  • Zoom out to see all levels. Each level is coloured.