Full Featuritis
There's always one more feature...


Expected Start Date: TBC

Expected Alpha Date: TBC

After creating ResonanceLD for Ludum Dare 34 I found that I liked the concept enough to attempt turning the game into something more.

The premise of the game is to create a tile-based puzzle game akin to "A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build". However instead of a sokoban puzzle each level will challenge the user to direct coloured particles from the start of the level to hit all of the coloured goals. This involves bouncing, splitting and recolouring these particles to progress.

In addition to simply expanding and polishing the concepts in ResonanceLD I'd like to add the main feature that I was not able to accomplish at Ludum Dare - resonant audio. Whenever a tile is activated it will create a sound. These sounds are grouped in each level such as to resonate with each other when the level is completed. Then as more levels are completed they will create a wider soundscape for the user to listen to.