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Oh My Gorgons!

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Oh My Gorgons!

Game Jam: Warwick Game Design 48 Hour Competition

Event Dates: 23rd - 25th November 2012

Event Theme: Blind-Folded Players

Team: Alan Hazelden

Music: "Alien Abductions", available on JewelBeat

Find your way through a puzzling labyrinth as you desperately try to survive the fiendish creatures hunting you down. Use your memory and your ears to successfully navigate the dungeon's floors. And remember... don't look at the gorgons.

This is an honour system game similar to Asphyx. If you are looking at the screen when it turns red you are honour bound to manually restart the level (or not if you want to cheat). Immerse yourself in the atmosphere... blind yourself.

Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun

Oh My Gorgons! was featured on Rock Paper Shotgun on their Live Free, Play Hard section as one of that week's Finest Free Indie Games.

Oh My Gorgons! surprises us with how well we can play videogames with our eyes closed. Would I have beaten this game if I didn’t have a lifetime of WASD navigation seared into my fingertips? Who knows. I’m going to go play TF2 with my eyes closed and see if I kill anyone. I will be playing pyro. - Porpentine, 2012


  • WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Space Bar
  • Move
  • Restart Floor