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Game Jam: Ludum Dare #26

Event Dates: 26th - 29th April 2013

Event Theme: Minimalism

Awards: #117 for Fun out of 2346 submissions

Play as a white blood cell protecting the body from deadly viruses!

Green viruses are in your neck of the blood stream and attacking the red blood cells around you. Every time the viruses destroy a cell they multiply in number. Eventually they'll reach a critical mass and kill the body you inhabit. The only way to stop them is to eat them all!

As the game progresses more virus and cell types are added to change up the gameplay.

Also there is little to no connection to the theme with this entry apart from "Minimalism" -> "Mini-Malice".


  • WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Space Bar
  • P Key
  • M Key
  • Move
  • Boost
  • Pause
  • Mute Audio