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Maths Invaders

Game Jam: Warwick Game Design 48 Hour Competition

Event Dates: March 2010

Event Theme: Education

Team: John Pennycook and Nathanael Yau

Your spaceship is pitted against increasingly numerous and complex enemy ships. The only way to solve this problem is Maths!

This game was designed to help with mental athrimetic under stressful conditions. The enemies approaching your ship have a number written on them. You can destroy the enemy ships by reducing their number to exactly zero.

To do this your ship also has a number and a selection of mathematical operators to use. When you fire, your spaceship will send the operator and the number to the ship in front of it and the number on the enemy ship will react accordingly. Each time you fire, your ship will change its number.

Act fast to stop the incoming tide of numbered foes! Division scores you more points than subtraction and is useful when the enemies' numbers become larger. Multiplication and addition can also help if you get stuck.

However beware! The enemy ships will advance faster if you subtract past zero, divide with a remainder or the number on the enemy ship increases in its number of digits. And don't even think about dividing by zero!


  • Up / Down Arrows
  • Left / Right Arrows
  • Space Bar
  • Move Spaceship
  • Select Mathematical Operator
  • Fire