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10 Second Happy Rocket

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10 Second Happy Rocket

Game Jam: Ludum Dare #27

Event Dates: 23rd - 26th August 2013

Event Theme: 10 Seconds

Awards: #71 for Fun out of 2213 submissions

Lift your happiness to the stars!

Build a rocket in 10 seconds that will raise your happiness payload to space. Alternatively let your happiness explode playing around.

Play in 10 second mode for the original Ludum Dare experience, or try Creative Mode to craft a masterpiece of happiness and explosions.

For an additional challenge try to lift as many square blocks as possible to the top. During Ludum Dare the top score was four additional blocks.


  • Left Mouse Click
  • Mouse Drag
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
  • R Key
  • Place / Select Part
  • Move Part
  • Delete Part
  • Restart Game